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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Art Of Kissing

Kissing Really is an art, here are a few types to try next time your with that special someone to spice of your kisses with a little extra umph…

The Butterfly Kiss - With your faces less than a breath away, open and close your eyelids against your partners. If done correctly, the fluttering sensation will match the one in your heart.
The Eskimo Kiss - With your faces less than a breath apart, gently rub your noses together.
The Triangle Kiss- While kissing their lips peek at them to see if there eyes are closed, If so trail off to one of their cheeks to mislead them, them gently kiss the top of their eyelid and then the next eye. Go back to their mouth slowly then start it over again.
The Eye Kiss - Hold your partner's head with both hands and slowly move their head in the direction you wish your kiss to go... then slowly kiss up towards your partner's eyes and give them a tender kiss on top of their closed eyes.
The Talking Kiss - Whisper sweet nothings into your partner's mouth. If caught in the act, simply say as Chico Marx, "I wasn't kissing her. I was whispering into her mouth."
The Ice Kiss- Celebrate the first day of winter with an ice kiss. Put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold. Remove the cube, track down your love and plant a kiss that will send chills!
The Electric Kiss- The two of you shuffle your feet furiously on carpet. When you both have an electric charge, lean over and slowly aim for each other's lips. With your lips about one-half inch apart, move in even slower until a spark jumps between the two of you. Instantly after this happens, kiss one another...the please us the kiss right after the shock!
The “I Love You” Kiss- First start off with a slow and tender, toungeless kiss. Then lightly touch the tip of your toung to the tip of their’s. And finish it off with another slow and tender, toungless kiss.

The Upside Down Kiss- You stand behind your partner (who is seated or laying down) and have them tilt their head back.
Then kiss them so that you nibble their lower lip and they nibble yours. 
This is fun and feels good because you can feel them breathing on your neck as you kiss.
The Mimic Kiss- Start off with kissing your partner in a random place, then let them kiss you in the same spot you kissed them, continue back and forth. This gives you the opportunity to be kissed where you want to be kissed withought having to tell them.
The Sliding Kiss- Softly slide your lips up and down your partner’s arms, neck, cheek, stomach and so on. Slowly making your way to their lips.

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